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Signs 4 Less is a part of Erik Storm Management cc, a group of Companies, which have been around for the last 12 years. We started our first business out of the garage in our backyard and before we knew it, we opened an extension to our existing Company, which was meant to service the public, after 5 years we decided to once again take a chance and we opened a Signage Company to complement our existing printing Companies. We were over the moon with this new addition to the family. In February 2016 we had a fire, which destroyed our whole factory, so we had to start building our business all over. It was in this time that we together with our staff decided that it was time to move with the times! We all agreed that online shopping is the “in thing” these days (apparently you can order everything online these days).

Rudi and I started creating a website with the help of our signage company and the manager Jaques. It took many hours, days, weeks and months to develop something that is user friendly, fast and efficient. With our years of experience in dealing with the public, we know that people want thing to be simple and easy.

We still have everything under one roof as we believe that control is the best way to make sure that a “job” gets done “In Time, On Time, Every Time”. We try and keep to our “Print on Demand” motto so your signs will with the help of our well trained staff be produced to the highest standard and with our expertise in the Signage Industry, we believe that this is “The Way To Grow Your Business”!

Signs 4 Less welcomes you to our site and printing family. We are sure that your experience will be a great one. Ordering your signs with us online is convenient, fast and smart.

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Working side by side with DTP 2 Print as well as Copy 2 Print, we are able to take care of more than just your signage needs.



"Very Impressed! I needed my signs very urgently and I received them faster than I expected! Thank you so much"