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Demolition Area Hazard Safety Sign (WW32)


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The Yellow and Black "Demolition Area!" Safety Sign cautions everyone of the possible danger with regards to Demolitions being done in this area.

This sign is available in the following Materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Reflective Vinyl
  • Photo Luminous Vinyl
  • ABS
  • Chromadek
  • Magnetic Material
  • Aluminium Composite

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This Safety Sign can be ordered in various Standard and/or Custom Sizes, as required by you.

All the signs that could need, a total of over 600 of them, all in one place for you, easy to see what you need, and that without leaving your office chair.

You can see the size, the price, a full catalogue, compare signs, order custom signs, even have your own signs design done, which we will then manufacturer specially for you.

One shop has it all for you, and we are even able to deliver directly to your door.

Printing is done by us, directly onto the material required, with UV-inks, which ensures the highest possible quality, including Reflective or Photo Luminous Vinyl.


What Size Safety Sign do I Need?

With Signs 4 Less selection of sign sizes ranging from only 150 x 150 mm all the way up to 660 x 660mm, it can be difficult to select the best size for your specific needs, or any custom size, if your needs require it.

When deciding what size is the best for you, there are a few things to consider.
First, where is the sign going to be used?
Second, how much text and symbols will be on the sign?
Thirdly, how far in advance should you warn others of a potential hazard?

When thinking about where your sign is going to be used, consider the following: where the sign will be mounted, how close are people going to be to the sign, and how much information will need to be displayed.

Try putting a piece of paper or cardboard that is the same dimensions of your sign up to see if it is big enough. You might think a 190 x 190 mm sign is the right size, but you won’t really know without posting a sign and seeing if its message is legible.

When in doubt, a bigger sign is usually a good idea, especially for Fire, Warning and Prohibitive signs. This is also true when there are visual distractions such as moving objects or other signs that call attention away from your message.


Vinyl Sticker:

Vinyl with his characteristics is suitable to be used for indoor and outdoor signage.


ABS we only recommend for indoor signage!
ABS Plastic, or (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is well known for its versatility, as it is very light and durable.


Chromadek is an epoxy coated galvanised steel sheeting which is pre-painted and baked, resulting in a flat, durable, vinyl receptive surface. Because of its mill-painted finish and UV resistant properties, Chromadek is the preferred rigid substrate for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Magnetic Material:

Magnetic Safety Signs are mostly used on Vehicles, Trucks and Machines, as a temporary or semi-permanent solution, where the load or the material work with, changes on a regular basis, and that they require different safety signs to be present.

Aluminium Composite:

Aluminium Composite signs will mostly be used where normal Chromadek Signs are used, with 2 big differences, firstly, Aluminium does not rust in any way, and secondly, where the weight of the material is of great importance.

Reflective Vinyl:

Reflective products are used in many applications to achieve high levels of safety. Reflective vinyl has a metallic, reflective base that causes it to reflect back light when light is shone on it. It is highly visible after dark, which in-turn improves the safety aspect.

Photo Luminous Vinyl:

Photo Luminescent Vinyl is a non-toxic indoor material!
This is the ideal solution for emergency exits, directional signage, underground mines, and especially Indoor Safety Signs.
It absorbs and stores light through exposure to artificial light (including incandescent, fluorescent and back light) as well as from direct or indirect sunlight. In the event of a blackout, smoke filled area's, this stored energy is slowly released as a strong green glow in the dark for many hours.


Lamination increases the durability of print, adds protection against fingerprints and smudges, stains and spills, tears and wrinkles, marks and abrasions, plus oil, grease, dirt, moisture and other contaminants.
Because lamination increases the longevity of the print materials, it saves money on the long run.


Your Safety Sign can be attached to a frame, if required. There are 2 options available:

  1. Steel Frames are constructed out of 25 mm square tubing with a 1.6 mm wall thickness. Frames are welded and painted with a QD Anti-Rust Coating.
    Chromadek boards are riveted to the frames, whilst ABS boards are applied using a strong adhesive tape.
  2. Aluminium Frames are constructed from 25 mm Aluminium square tubing, they are light weight quick click frame assembled with high strength plastic corners.
    Chromadek boards are riveted to the frames, whilst ABS boards are applied using a strong adhesive tape. These frames have the big advantage that they are very light.


6mm Holes can be drilled for you, if so required, in the 4 corners of your Safety Sign.

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